Monday 14 November 2016

The Secret Santa Solver: £10 and under

Well hello there, Fairypants fans!

We're back with another Secret Santa Solver for you - let's get straight into it :)

This is our top 3 gift idea breakdown for the Secret Santa recipient who's a vegan, a cruelty-free beauty fan, or both!

#1: The Fairypants Nail Care Gift Set - £10

The ideal gift for the mani fan in your life who already owns every nail varnish colour imaginable - although you can never have too many, amirite? This set includes our ultra-glossy top coat, our ridge-filling, nutrient rich base coat and our super moisturising cuticle oil, which is guaranteed to keep putting the 'cute' in cuticle ;)

#2: Eyeshadow Gift Set - £10

We all know an eyeshadow junkie, and if somehow you don't know an eyeshadow junkie, you definitely know a sparkle junkie.

This gift set hits both nails squarely on the head!

Choose any three of our stunning shimmerfests for just £10 to put a smile on your Secret Santa buddy's face :)

For an extra bonus, this will get you some brownie points with any Shakespeare fan too, as all of our gorgeous shades are named for Shakespeare's leading ladies!

#3: The Lipbalm Gift Set - £10

In this chilly weather, anybody would be grateful for the soothing relief of a beautifully smooth lip balm. In any weather, those same people would struggle not to simply eat our deliciously-scented range of ultra-moisturising lip-lovelies. We know that we struggled!

From 'Mojito' to 'Black Forest Gateau', our lip balms hit a lot of cheeky sweet spots. Three? In one pack? Yes please, ma'am.

What's your favourite Fairypants gift set? Will it be going on your list to Santa this year?

Let us know on Twitter! You can get us on @fairypantsuk :)

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Sunday 6 November 2016

The Secret Santa Solver : £15 and under

Hello there, Fairypants fans! We're sorry that we didn't have a post ready for you last week, but we've been working on a special something for the festive season, and we'll have an extra post up later this week to make up for it! We present to you the very first edition of the Fairypants 'Secret Santa Solver'!

You know how it is - everyone at work draws names out of a hat and all of a sudden, you're saddled with buying a present, on a budget, for someone you maybe don't know so well.

We're here to take the stress out of the festive season for you! Here are our top 3 present ideas for a budget of £15 and under - AND we'll be covering other budgets later in the series :)

#1: The Ultimate Lip Kit - £12

If your recipient regularly wears bold & bright lip colours, the chances are excellent that they would appreciate our Ultimate Lip Kit. Comprising one of our super-sweet Lip Scrubs, a sumptuous Lip Balm and one of our beyond-beautiful (not to mention ridiculously moisturising) Lip Paints, this set is an absolute must-have for anyone who likes to look after those smackers! You can choose any combination of all of our flavours, scents and colours for each product and get a beautifully boxed gift set for just £12!

The Ultimate Lip Kit - £12

#2: Fairypants Boxed Perfume - £13.50

Ask around: if your lucky gift-buddy has a sweet tooth or a love of cocktails, or is even just a perfume-hoarder (plenty of us are, it's nice to have lots of options :D ), for just £13.50 you can present them with a perfume unlike any other. Our range of vegan perfumes includes scents such as Peach Melba, Strawberry Bellini, Cola Bottles and so many more!

Perfume 30ml - £13.50

#3: Mix & Match Nail Varnish Gift Set - £15.00

This one's easy. Look at your recipient's hands. Are they wearing nail varnish? If so, we've almost certainly got at least one set of nail varnishes that they will love. You can mix and match - for instance, if their signature colour is pink, you could pick out five pink-toned variations from each of our lines! Naturally, you could also just choose one of our pre-selected gift sets. For bold, sassy mani-fans, the Neon Gift Set is an absolute must have, but our Matte Pastel set is perfect for nail-fashionistas who like to keep it more toned down.

Neon Nail Varnish Set - £15
As I'm sure you already know, all of our products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly - tested only on willing humans! If you have become the Secret Santa to a vegan or vegetarian lady or gent, quite frankly we're certain that anything you could present to them from our selection would be gratefully received! All products are handmade in the UK and created by our very own Fairy Queen, Natalie :)

What would you love to receive as a gift? If you give it a quick tweet/share on Facebook, your Secret Santa has no excuse not to spoil you ;)


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Sunday 23 October 2016

October Discount- One Week Left!

If you're following us on Facebook/Twitter, you may know that we're running a special offer all through October, but hurry up Fairy Family - there's just one week left!

Between now and 31st October, you can get 15% off all purchases by simply typing OCTOBER into the discount code section at the checkout on!

To put that into perspective...

You could get between £1 and £1.50 off any of our 60-100ml sized dry skin balms! 60ml currently retails at £6.99, 100ml at £9.99. The perfect treat for your skin (as well as your pre-Christmas wallet) this Winter! Choose from Rose & Mint or Orange & Vanilla, or unscented for those of you whose skin doesn't like scented products. We also carry these in 30ml if you'd just like to try a littl'un :)

This also translates to more than £1.50 off any of our scrumptious body butters or vegan perfumes!

Better yet, if you're like us and like to be smart about your Christmas shopping, you could nab yourself a bargain on one of our gift sets. If you've got 5 friends/family members who love perfume (and we're certain that you have), you could buy one of our 5 piece perfume gift sets and split it out between them! Not a perfume fan? We have three piece sets of our lickably-lovely-lipbalms, with which you could also indulge in some saving-savvy Christmas shopping.

You could, of course, just buy them for yourself. We won't tell anyone, we promise ;)

If you've got any parties or gatherings coming up that might see you spending a lot of time outside, such as watching firework displays or simply out painting the town red, perhaps you'd fancy using your discount on one (or two, or five) of our super-moisturising lip paints. Pigmented to forever and back, and with a swoonworthily* soft, buttery texture, these little ladies are a festive-season must-have!

*we're not 100% sure that this is a word, but no other word will do the job, so we may have invented it

What will you be spending your October 15% discount on? If you post pics of any of our products on social media, make sure you tag us! We love to see what the Fairy Family has to say about all our products!


Sunday 16 October 2016

Autumn Mani Nailspiration!

Happy Sunday, Fairypants fans!

We've got a cheeky little treat for you today. Whether you're looking for an Autumn sparkle-fest or just your Glam-owe'en mani, we have some inspiration to throw your way.

We started off -as we so often do- by gazing longingly at our 'Intergalactic' collection of holographic nail varnishes, when we were struck by the notion of how beautiful red/orange toned 'Mars' would look over our blackest of blacks - 'Noir' from the 'Paintbox' collection.

You have a look for yourself, what do you think?

Oh good lord. There are no words. Under diffused light (for instance, on a cloudy October day), this combination creates a subtle bronze glow, similar to Tiger's Eye, one of our favourite gemstones. Under direct light, you have an absolute rainbow of Autumn colours, twinkling and sparkling more than one pair of human eyeballs could ever have imagined!

The more we looked at this, we wondered what we could do to keep the contrast of the dark and light, but also bring out more of those beautiful orangey tones.

Well. Quite simply, we took the yellow - 'Jaune' - and the red - 'Rouge' - from the same Paintbox collection, put a coat of that over the black (so as to keep that dark tone) and THEN a lashing of 'Mars'.

Are you ready?

So here, our index and little fingers have the original Noir/Mars combi. Our middle finger has Noir + Jaune + Mars and our ring finger has Noir + Rouge + Mars. 

There you have it, three totally different looks inspired by Autumn. We don't know about you, but we think the ring finger definitely has some seasonal pumpkin-spiced charm! That said, we just can't choose our favourite look. What do you think?

If you've come up with your own Autumn-inspired look using any of our products, let us know! Tag us on the social media of your choice! You can find us at the links below :)


Wednesday 12 October 2016

Fairypants at the Northern Vegan Festival!

***WARNING: This post contains both images and words of a deliciously tempting, mouthwatering and dreamy nature. It's going to be hard to concentrate when you start thinking about the deliciousness, but to spur you on, there's a cheeky treat at the end of the post...***

This Saturday- October 15th 2016- the chief fairy herself will be sashaying over to Manchester to the Northern Vegan Festival (specific venue at the bottom of the post), to see all of our vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics-fans. She'd love it if you'd pop over to visit, and see our lovely goodies! We can keep telling you how yummety scrummety our products are (and we will, because we're constantly delighted by it and fighting the urge to eat them), but you won't know how preposterously tasty they smell until you see/sniff for yourself!

Can you handle more Fairypants news?

Firstly, we think you'll agree that at festivals and markets, there's almost nothing more annoying than discovering your new favourite thing, and then discovering that they only take cash (naturally, we didn't draw enough out before getting there - that's the rule). Well - fear not! Fairypants will not only be bringing stacks of our all-natural, vegan products, but we will also be making sure that all of our fairy fans can pay by card :)
Nextly, two new additions to the Fairypants family who will be making their Northern Vegan Festival debut! We're positively bouncing at the prospect of introducing you not only to our new range of irresistible shower gels, but also to their partners in crime - our collection of ... *drumroll* ... body butters *swoon* Don't you just love a body butter?

Get your peepers around these and tell us you don't want to get a whiff of these little beauties - go on, we dare you!

(Don't forget that treat that we told you about, at the end of the post)

Phew, that was pretty cheeky, even for us. We'll give you a moment...

Okay. Ready?

If you can't make it to the Northern Vegan Festival - we still have good news for you. We're currently offering an October discount on the Fairypants online store! Pop the word October into the discount code box at the checkout and nab a super-saucy 15% off your order!

So there you go, everyone's a winner! If you're not going to the festival, make sure you make use of that little October discount treat, and if you ARE going to the festival, we look forward to seeing you there!


You will find the Fairypants stall at:
Methodist Church Central Hall,
Oldham Street,
M1 1JQ 

Friday 7 October 2016

Etsy puts on her Fairypants!

Now, we don't know about you, but when we're having a bad day, we like to treat ourselves to a bit of retail therapy. We don't always know what we fancy, but we love a good window-shop. Like most people - we like to get our little fairy mitts on things that are unique. Don't you love being the one to introduce your pals to a new product or brand when they ask where you got your shoes/lipstick/bracelet from? It also feels great to support smaller businesses and crafters. For this reason, we love a bit of Etsy!

Etsy is a wonderful online marketplace, stacked to the rafters with the handcrafted, the beautiful and the unusual. The expression 'made with love' is pretty much par for the course in this world wide web wonderland. You can 'favourite' your preferred sellers so that you don't miss their new products and announcements, and better yet, it has its very own lovely app for shopping on the move - we find that a cheeky bit of Etsy browsing really cheers up the commute on a dreary evening ;)

If you didn't already know, Fairypants is on Etsy! All of our lovely goodies are arranged into categories for ease of browsing, and there's a contact button just in case you have any questions about any of our products or policies. There's a super simple search function to help you sniff out those harder-to-find products too! Natch, for those bold, cruelty-free-cosmetics fans, the obvious choice is 'vegan neon nail varnish'. For those who prefer their claws to be a little more toned down, you could of course search 'vegan pastel nail varnish'...

As for navigating the app, that's easy as pie!

Use the 'sections' function to find what you're after!

Browse the scrummy flavour/scent ranges of our products!

If you're not sure what you're after, you can just scroll through all of our individual products and bargain gift sets!

If you're a new addition to the Fairypants clan, put your mind at ease looking at the fab reviews we've had from our past customers!

Happy shopping, fairies!


Wednesday 28 September 2016

Drinking Port in Porto!

Around this time last year we were approached by a team of researchers from Keele University, asking if we'd tell them our story of how Fairypants came to be. We said yes, and we had a lovely Skype chat one afternoon.

After Christmas we were sent the transcription of the interview, and we found it so interesting to read it again that we serialised it on our blog - read it here.

Then in spring time, we were contacted again - did we want to travel to Portugal in September to present our business story at a seminar concluding the research - we said yes, of course!

We flew out to Portugal on Thursday 22nd September, fizzing with excitement to meet new people and explore a new country. We landed and were immediately struck by how laid back and relaxed it was - much more so than at home!

View over the river Douro, Porto
Obviously the scenery helped too! We were greeted by two members of Keele's expert research team, and we had a really lovely time exploring the historic city of Porto.

On Friday we had some more exploring to do, followed by heading to the University of Porto for our presentation. We had so much fun telling our story, it's always nice to look back on where we started - and to see how far we've come. We also shared some of our plans for the next few months, and it's so exciting to see what's still to come this year.

View from the Crystal Palace Gardens
Afterwards we had the most lovely meal of our whole stay - at a vegetarian restaurant with lots of fab vegan options! Not very Portuguese as we chose a Malasian curry - but it was DIVINE!

We stayed for one more day, and we spent the Saturday walking around Porto - burning off the calories from the night before! We sampled some amazing local Port, and bought some cheesy souvenirs to remember our brief but gorgeous visit.

River Douro
We had a fabulous time, and we at Fairypants HQ count ourselves very lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to Portugal, and to participate in the study. We hope we get to read the finished findings soon, it's very interesting to see real research on young entrepreneurs, and to see that our hectic way of life isn't that unusual after all.

Most of our followers and customers will know that our Chief Fairy is a lady, and as such she was shocked by some of the statistics revealed by the study - only 1 in 3 young entrepreneurs is a woman. With the gender pay gap still in existence, and so many women still coming up against the so called 'glass ceiling' it seems like the only way forward is to create your own glass ceiling, then smash it into smithereens.

That's what we'll be doing at Fairypants HQ, anyway...

Shop some of our newest releases now - and keep your eyes peeled for more!