Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Fairypants at the Northern Vegan Festival!

***WARNING: This post contains both images and words of a deliciously tempting, mouthwatering and dreamy nature. It's going to be hard to concentrate when you start thinking about the deliciousness, but to spur you on, there's a cheeky treat at the end of the post...***

This Saturday- October 15th 2016- the chief fairy herself will be sashaying over to Manchester to the Northern Vegan Festival (specific venue at the bottom of the post), to see all of our vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics-fans. She'd love it if you'd pop over to visit, and see our lovely goodies! We can keep telling you how yummety scrummety our products are (and we will, because we're constantly delighted by it and fighting the urge to eat them), but you won't know how preposterously tasty they smell until you see/sniff for yourself!

Can you handle more Fairypants news?

Firstly, we think you'll agree that at festivals and markets, there's almost nothing more annoying than discovering your new favourite thing, and then discovering that they only take cash (naturally, we didn't draw enough out before getting there - that's the rule). Well - fear not! Fairypants will not only be bringing stacks of our all-natural, vegan products, but we will also be making sure that all of our fairy fans can pay by card :)
Nextly, two new additions to the Fairypants family who will be making their Northern Vegan Festival debut! We're positively bouncing at the prospect of introducing you not only to our new range of irresistible shower gels, but also to their partners in crime - our collection of ... *drumroll* ... body butters *swoon* Don't you just love a body butter?

Get your peepers around these and tell us you don't want to get a whiff of these little beauties - go on, we dare you!

(Don't forget that treat that we told you about, at the end of the post)

Phew, that was pretty cheeky, even for us. We'll give you a moment...

Okay. Ready?

If you can't make it to the Northern Vegan Festival - we still have good news for you. We're currently offering an October discount on the Fairypants online store! Pop the word October into the discount code box at the checkout and nab a super-saucy 15% off your order!

So there you go, everyone's a winner! If you're not going to the festival, make sure you make use of that little October discount treat, and if you ARE going to the festival, we look forward to seeing you there!


You will find the Fairypants stall at:
Methodist Church Central Hall,
Oldham Street,
M1 1JQ 

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