Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Holo tastic!

Do you remember when we launched our amazing holographic nail varnishes? If you are a fan of our different nail shades you’ll know we usually release ranges of 5 shades – but when we unleashed these bad boys we couldn’t choose, so we ended up with 10!

As such, they’re our largest range, and they’re so versatile – because they’re a bit textured, it helps the glitter stick, and you end up with really decent coverage after just a couple of coats – check out one of our amazing Instagram followers – give her a follow over at @nonsmudjnails – she posts lovely photos, mainly of indie polishes like us! Look at those talons!

Earth, worn by @nonsmudjnails

Check out some of our other shades though – you’ve already seen Earth, but what do you think of the others? Like we said, we can’t pick a favourite!


You can buy the whole gift set for £30 too, all 10 bottles working out at £3 each – perfect if you’ve got a few presents to buy, or if you and your mates want to save some money!


 You can also get a free bottle of our amazing Nail Varnish remover if you buy any Nail Varnish gift set before Sunday 20th December, so get on it! Each polish is £3.99, or the gift set of all 10 shades is £30 - get them here. xox

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