Friday, 11 March 2016

The Interview - Part 3

Last time we looked at the beginning of our cosmetics and skincare journey, and now we're talking about how you, our customers can get involved.

Fairypants   The skin balm thing came about by accident. One of my customers emailed me and she said, 'I already buy your lip balms, is there a chance that you could make me a lip balm in a really big tin?' And I was didn't really know where she was going, but she told me that she put the lip balm on her eczema; it’s the only thing that cures it. She said she'd tried steroids, and my lipbalm was the only thing that helped her.  I went away, and I formulated a skin balm for her instead. The lip balm has got a little bit of colour in it, and it’s also got flavours in it. I didn't think she'd want her arm to smell of Pina Colada, so I came up with some nicer fragrances.


We do Rose and Mint, Orange and Vanilla and an Unscented one. And then I started making them in really big tins. I sent her one for free and she rang me up and she said she couldn’t believe how amazing it was, and it had worked.  And she said, as long as I keep on using this every now and then, it just keeps it at bay. So I was thought that was brilliant.  I sent a few samples out. I requested testers. Every now and then when I’ve got something new, I request testers on my social media pages. I normally explain to them kind of what it is. I don’t really go into a lot of detail so I don’t spoil the surprise, but I might tell them it’s nail varnish, so that nobody who doesn’t really wear nail varnish will ask for it.
And I always say to them that they must let me know before they participate if they have known allergies just so that I can weed them out if they’re allergic to something I'm using. And then obviously they can always come back to me if they’ve got a problem afterwards, but luckily I’ve never had anyone come back to me and say they’ve had an allergic reaction so it’s okay. But I sent all these testers out for this Dry Skin Balm and I was getting the same feedback, it was like a pattern. Everyone was saying 'my psoriasis has cleared up', 'my eczema’s cleared up', etc. Someone else said, they used it on their sunburn and went from bright red to brown overnight. And then people were just saying all these crazy things and I was thinking, they don’t know me, they’re not saying it just to be nice. You know, they’re saying it because they mean it.


So then I started selling that, and that again is one of my best sellers. So it’s always accidental, and sometimes from a suggestion from a customer. I mean, the latest product, the nail varnish remover, that came about because one of my stockists said her customers were buying all the nail varnish and then asking about a remover. So she asked me and that was a couple of months ago because that’s how long it took me to get a formula and get the branding for it. And then so now my customers are really happy because they can buy the nail varnish and the matching nail varnish remover. So I’m always open to requests, shall we say, from customers, because that’s normally the best way to move forward.

In Part 4 we go back to University and talk about a great belief in fate. xox

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