Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dry Skin be gone!

So, you've probably seen our Dry Skin Balm around, but not been too sure what to do with it, or why you should buy it. Sound like you? Well, dear reader - now's the time to find out!

We're not lying either, it really IS a super skin saviour. Remember we told you we liked having product ideas that came from our customers? Well this is just that! We had a customer who approached us, asking if we could make our classic lipbalms in REALLY big tins. At first we were concerned for the size of their lips, but then they clarified - our lipbalms were the only product that cleared up their eczema.

Skin Balm
So, we thought long and hard about it. I mean, the main ingredients in the lipbalm are great - that's why it was working so well on their skin. But there are extras in the lipbalm, such as mineral colours, and lip safe flavour oils. Neither of which you need on your arms, legs or whatever.

We had a little play with the recipe, and we decided to add in some essential oils designed to help speed up the skin's recovery. We spoke to our friendly Lab Guys (tm) who advised us on how best to adapt the recipe to suit a different body part. Once that was all in place, our new products were fully safety assessed. Hurrah!

We launched 3 scents - Natural (unscented), Orange & Vanilla and Rose & Mint. They are all perfect for dry, sore, delicate skin - but the Natural might be your best bet if your skin is REALLY sensitive!

Our original plan was to offer the Dry Skin Balm as a solution to common problems such as eczema and psoriasis. But while we were testing them, we found a whole lot more uses too!

1) Sunburn. Rub generously into sunburned skin as often as you like. Our testers found that the redness died away much quicker, and they were left with healthy looking, golden skin.

2) Shaving/Waxing rash. Testers used the balm on both delicate, shaved skin and sore waxed skin. They all found their skin was much softer, smoother and happier.

3) Bites. Very common in summer months, bites can be eased by smearing a small amount of balm on top. This will stop the itching, and stop you scratching!

4) Allergies. A common tip is to smear any balm just underneath/inside your nostrils. This acts as a barrier to any allergens you may breathe in.

5) Lip Balm! Since its the same recipe, you can use your balm pretty much anywhere you like.

So, we don't judge. Use it on your patches of dry skin, on Eczema, on sunburn - anything you like! All we do ask, if you've had a success story with our Dry Skin Balm, please let us know.


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