Saturday, 9 May 2015

Focus on - Chester Health Store

Chester Health Store

This is one of our newest stockists, but it's also the only stockist in our home town of Chester! Maybe one day we'll have a shop all of our own in Chester, but until then it's pretty exciting just to have our products within the city walls.

Chester Health is run by the fab Niki, and is the perfect place to find all your essentials. From supplements to skincare, the shelves are heaving with exciting products. Some of it may need more explaining than others, but the knowledgeable staff will be on hand to sort you out!

Chester Health is the latest venture for Niki, after opening the sister store, Heswall Health. So far, she stocks a couple of our nail varnish ranges - you can find them near the till. If you're local, make sure you pop in and say hello. Take your purse with you though, you'll probably leave with armfuls of goodies! (We do, every time we go...)

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One of the ranges stocked at Chester Health
We're really excited to work more with the Chester Health Store - as we said, it means a lot to be stocked in Chester. Hopefully this is the beginning of a lovely friendship (maybe we should make one of those bracelets?!).

So take yourself off exploring, the shop lives on the Rows in Bridge Street, not far from the entrance to the Precinct. Make sure you say hello, and it would be pretty cool if you bought some of our AMAZING products while you're there. #justsaying


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