Friday, 28 August 2015

Back to the 90s!

So. Without giving away my age, the 90s were totally a golden age for me. That decade was full of Smash Hits, stick on earrings, hair mascara, body glitter and… scented nail varnish. I can’t do much about the other things, but I can let you recapture some of your youth, by providing you with scented nail varnish – in a more grown up incarnation.

I think when it first came out, scented nail varnish was a bit gimmicky – and to be honest it probably hasn’t evolved too much since then. I think the issue in the past was that the scent didn’t even last 5 minutes, so nobody but you even knew it was scented.

However, times they are a changing. I can confirm that the scent from our polishes easily lasts a few days, depending on how many times you wash your hands, and how much you use super smelly foods like garlic… For the average person, these polishes are much improved!

So as with all our ranges we created 5 shades – this time they’re all named after fruit, since those were the scents we went with. The shades themselves are matte glitter- this means they’re excellent as a top coat over a contrasting colour – or try building them up with a couple of coats for more coverage.

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Strawberry is the perfect baby pink – we’re massive fans of pastels, as you can probably tell. The strawberry scent on this one is very sweet, so if you’re choosing on this basis, it might not be the shade for you.

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Banana is amazing. The colour is lovely, a soft lemony yellow. It’s the scent that makes this so amazing though, banana is a very underused scent in the cosmetic world – and I really don’t know why!

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Peach does what it says on the bottle – the colour is peach, the scent is peach. Perfect if you like something a little different, as again it’s an uncommon scent.

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Apple is great for those who don’t like their scents super sweet. If you’re more into sharp, juicy fragrances then this is the shade for you. The colour is also amazing, it’s a kind of soft, minty green. It’s lovely.

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Blackberry is the final shade, and it’s worth waiting for. The colour is a lovely soft lilac, and the scent is very rich and berry-like- exactly what you’d expect it to smell like, but better!


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