Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Cheesy title, but we couldn't think of another perfume-based pun. Punning is hard work!

We've already been banging on about how amazing our perfumes are (they're nearly one, too - we'll have a Perfume Birthday Party in September!) but we thought it was about time we introduced you to their newest mates - our range of sweets based fragrances!

Parma Violet Perfume £12.50 for 30ml from
So Parma Violet was one of the first fragrances we offered back in September- and we really thought it'd be a bit of a marmite scent, you'd either love it or hate it. What we didn't know, is just HOW many of you would absolutely love it.

So it made us have a think - what other sweet based scents could we create for you? We got our thinking caps on, and this is what we came up with...

Cola Bottles Perfume £12.50 for 30ml from
Cola bottles is yummy and fruity accord of cola with supporting notes of juicy lemon and lime, with spicy cinnamon and a mouth-watering fizz.

Our testers loved this - they wanted to know how we got it to smell EXACTLY like Cola Bottles, but we couldn't tell them...

Milk Bottles Perfume £12.50 for 30ml from
Milk Bottle is a gorgeously creamy sweet vanilla with notes of soft woods and benzoin, exotic balsams and orchid. Perfect if you like vanilla based scents!

This was a favourite with our testers who liked vanilla - they thought this was lovely and soft.

Mint Humbug Perfume £12.50 for 30ml from

Mint Humbug is a refreshing mouth-watering peppermint fragrance with soft sweet candy notes.

Our testers thought this could be a unisex fragrance, so it's perfect for anyone who likes to smell fresh and crisp.

Blackcurrant Liquorice Perfume £12.50 for 30ml from
Blackcurrant Liquorice contains mouth-watering wild blackcurrants, tart Mediterranean citrus fruits and cassis leaves with the bittersweet notes of traditional black liquorice.

This was a favourite with our testers, they loved the fruity opening, and the rich base.

Rhubarb and Custard Perfume £12.50 for 30ml from
Rhubarb & Custard is a sweet confectionary accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard. Everyone's childhood favourite!

This was the favourite with our testers, purely because it is so juicy!

So have a try, and let us know which is your favourite! xox

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