Friday, 19 February 2016

The one with the clean slate...

Here at Fairypants HQ we're undergoing a bit of an office overhaul. For the first time in our nearly 7 year history we'll have a dedicated office space, and we're so excited.

As you'll know if you've read our blog before, we make absolutely everything ourselves. And it gets pretty difficult, the more you guys spread the word and the more people find out about us. So a while ago we started working with a UK manufacturer, and they kindly make some of our nail varnish ranges for us. It's still our recipe, but it's not our poor little hands making them!

But all this means that we need space - and lots of it! We need space to store the stuff that we've had ready made for us (boxes and boxes of nail varnish!) and we also need space to store the raw ingredients for the things we make ourselves, like our classic lipbalm.

And more annoyingly - each of those things needs to be stored in different ways. We have liquids, solid butters and powders that all need to be stored at different temperatures and in different ways. If the Shea Butter gets too warm, it'll start melting - and if the glass lip paint jars get too cold, they'll shatter when we try to pour the hot liquid lipstick in! It's a dilemma!

But we really can't wait for our office to be finished, and we're super excited to share photos with you as it transforms from this -

into our dream work space!

So keep your fingers crossed that we don't encounter any building related problems, and we'll keep you updated on progress. xox

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