Friday, 11 September 2015

I mustard ask you a question!

Have you ever made mustard before? If not, why not? We’ve shared a couple of recipes with you before, and we thought you might love to try this – it’s a super easy condiment that doesn’t take long to make, is vegan and will keep for a good while!

If like us, you love a bit of mustard, and would like the chance to make it completely to suit yourself, then give this recipe a go –it’s so easy!

All you need is a cup of mixed mustard seeds, a cup of white vinegar and some seasoning of some kind. We bought our mustard seeds from a really cool Asian supermarket – they were very good value. If you have to buy them from a British supermarket you’ll probably end up paying lots more, so be careful.

The vinegar we used was a white wine vinegar, but you can use any pale coloured vinegar of your choice.

Soak your cup of seeds in the cup of vinegar overnight. After 24 hours, they should have sucked up all if not most of the liquid, and they’ll be squidgy to the touch.

Tip your squidgy seeds into the blender, and whizz them up until it’s the consistency you want. Whizz it quickly if you want more of a wholegrain look, or whizz it for a while longer if you like your mustard smoother.

This is the part when you can add in seasoning – we just added some dried dill to ours. If you want to add liquid, like beer – try using it to soak the seeds along with the vinegar. If you add it at the end, your mustard will be too runny.

Here’s the finished product – we wanted whole grains, so we didn’t whizz it too much! It will keep for a good few months in the fridge, just keep an eye on it in case it’s on the turn. xox

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