Friday, 25 September 2015

Make the most of the last days of sunshine...

By adorning your talons with our super fresh Matte nail varnish collection!

These beauties are all perfect for this time of year- the pastel shades keep them light and summery, but the matte finish makes them just that bit different, so they've got a bit of a trans-seasonal thing going on.

My favourite is probably Parma Violet.

I REALLY like the shade, it's a cool, almost powdery lilac- it looks like an outfit the Queen might wear. I also love the name - and the fact that it's available as a gift set with out other Parma Violet products! If you're mad for the scent, then it's worth adding this to your collection.

Next up it's Sherbet Lemon.

This one is so zingy, it's unreal! It's a wonderfully sunny yellow that's really toned down with the matte finish - it really suits this shade.

Bubblegum is another fave -

This blue is really gorgeous, it looks like the sky on a sunny spring day. Again, it really suits the matte finish, it makes the blue really pop!

Chocolate Lime is one of our best sellers...

It's the kind of green you see used for grass in a watercolour, or a Ladybird story book. This is all kinds of nostalgic, and that can only be a good thing!

And finally, Strawberry Bon Bon is last but not least.

This pink is a lot... fuller than you might expect. Pastel pinks can feel really washed out, but not this bad boy. Strawberry Bon Bon packs a bit of a punch, despite still being all demure and coy. It's the perfect choice if you want to make a slightly quiet statement.

Fashion tells us to stock up on pastels every spring, but lately the lines have been blurred, with things like baby blue winter coats on the runway. This is proof that you should just do you- if you want to wear baby pink in winter then go for it! Especially if it's one of ours ;-)


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