Friday, 30 October 2015

Festive pretties to treat yourself to...

It might not be quite Christmas time in your household, but at Fairypants HQ, we start early. We kinda have to though - we have to start planning for Christmas as soon as Easter is out of the way, so that we're all ready for you.

We need to plan what we're making, design packaging, maybe get it tested - and we have to spend a bit of time photographing and editing images too! So by the time you're ready to think Christmas, we've been living it for a looooooong time!

These are our amazing Fairy Light Earrings. They're small, delicate and oh-so festive. Grab yourself a pair of these, and maybe get the other colours for your mates, so you can all be matchy matchy like real best friends do. Or so we're told. At just £3.49 a pair, they'll never break the bank.

These Holly rings are divine too - they're quite large, so they're a bit of a statement piece. All our rings are adjustable too, so you've no worries on that score. They're £3.49 too, so it's a steal!

Do you know the Muffin Man? We do, and he LOVES this little guy! Super cute, and a definite festive talking point, how could you not?

These glitter Holly earrings are beyond DIVINE, they're fitted snugly to stainless steel posts, so they're ace if you're a stud girl rather than our dangly fairy light version!

And what do you think of our glittery Christmas Tree ring? Gorgeously shimmery, this holographic beauty is bound to stand out from the crowd!

So what do you think? Which will you be treating yourself to, this holiday season? xox

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