Friday, 2 October 2015

The mercury is definitely falling...

Winter must be on it's way now, it's officially October! I won't deny, it's my favourite season. Partly because those long nights are perfect for getting your craft on. In this post we have a look at creating our own Mercury Glass!

Have a quick google image search, and you'll soon see what I'm on about. It's a technique supposed to resemble vintage glass, like an old, speckled mirror. It's often used on vases and candle holders.

I decided to give it a go, since it didn't require much equipment. You're supposed to get a 'mirror finish' spray paint, and since I couldn't find one I wanted, I went with a spray which is just described as metallic silver. I knew the finish wouldn't be quite as sharp, but I hoped it would still look good!

You need to start with your glass- I chose a tumbler that's the right size to hold a small candle or tealight.

You''ll also need a spray bottle, and a half water, half white vinegar mix.

I used a small spray bottle, the kind you can pick up in the travel section of any supermarket or cosmetics shop. I filled it with my vinegar mixture, and set off into the garden!

All you need to do, is spray the paint onto the inside of the glass, and follow it immediately with the water/vinegar mix.

Here's the finished candle holder in sunlight, you can just see the mottled effect that the vinegar provides- it stops the spray paint from adhering to the glass. This is only one coat, and I think it's enough, but you can see in daylight the difference between this and a proper mirror finish paint.

However, in the dark, lit with a candle I think it looks lovely.

I'll definitely try to source the exact paint I need before doing any more, but as it is, I think it's really lovely. My next project might be to make an actual mirror- which may be a much bigger project than I'm anticipating! Why don't you have a go - and let me know if you find the perfect paint!


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